Blue Orange Designs is an Advertising Agency that offers a complete package,
from brand managment to website design & development, brochure layouts and business cards.


So I hear you say, explain to me what exactly is web hosting?
The simple explanation is as follows, web hosting is the computer where all the information from your website and emails are stored and where it can be accessed via the internet.
The large computer where it is stored is known as a “server”.

It's basically renting space for your website and your emails. This is a separate cost from your website design, and can be payed monthly by debit order or one year in advance.

What do you get:
Your personalized domain name:

and personalized email addresses

Blue Orange Designs offers a fully fledged hosting service for your peace of mind.
Our server guarantees a 99.9% uptime for your website with generous disk space & traffic, and on the ball support. We can supply you with detailed stats on your website hits & visitors and even provide you with a FREE fax to email number !

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